25 King Street

25 King Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


This building was not heritage listed, but it did contain a number of heritage elements that the client wanted to maintain. The age of the building, which dated back to the mid-1800s, was a significant impediment to bringing it to an acceptable level for a contemporary office fit-out. As well as having to rectify internal challenges, the CBD block site presented its own challenges in terms of access, safety and security.


We needed to create new floors for every storey, which involved updating them to allow for appropriate space for cabling and more. In addition to new carpeting, we restored the plaster ceilings and staircases, and we created internal windows to allow more light to fill all of the new office spaces. This was one of our largest scale projects, and it took around seven months to complete.

After around 150 years of use, none of the floors were level. We painstakingly rebuilt every floor in preparation for modern offices.

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