41-49 Bank Street

41-49 Bank Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205

Bruce Henderson Architects


Located in a very busy street in South Melbourne, all eyes were on us from the surrounding apartments. Noise restrictions were also a factor in the construction programme. This was construction on a piece of land previously occupied by 3AW. Reliance worked with the structural engineer to design the building keeping the existing ground slab in place so we could accommodate the new building and surrounding paths and carpark. The suite was constructed by our own carpenter’s with additional strengthening going in via some steel portal frames.


Reliance has a management and OHS policy and plan that is used as the foundation for putting together construction methodology when it comes to not just difficult sites but all our sites. Working with and understanding local council by-laws means opening up communication lines with the Council officers and staff. Staggering deliveries also reduces the risks associated with pedestrians and slow moving passing vehicles.

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