St Bernadette’s Church

St Bernadette’s Church

FPPV Architecture

59 Westmoreland Road Sunshine


FPPV Architecture


This project was a refurbishment to the existing internal area of the Church.
Storage of church pews and other items created planning and programming issues.
Entry and exit paths of travel where effected by the upgrade works also roof access to plant and equipment.
There were existing roof leaks and problem areas around aged sheeting and existing penetrations.


The Church was closed during the construction period leaving our working area unavailable for services and not accessible to church goers. OHS and Management Plans where developed around each tasked and signed off by the work groups.
Reliance surveyed the Church and plotted the locations of the church pews. We staged the project so we could store items on one side of the Church and then protected all with cotton drop sheeting. Mechanical plant was placed onto a new platform via crane located in the adjoining church carpark. Delivery’s where also made via the church carpark which was also shut to parishioner’s. Extensive tiling to the alter and steps were sourced from Japan and shipped to our contractor directly, saving concerns of variations in the colour of stone. All other materials where sourced locally through our valued suppliers.
Reliance also worked closely with a structural engineer who was looking at movement through-out the church floor but mainly at construction joints. We followed the guide lines provided and completed the structural repair works ensuring no trip hazards existed.
This project was very well run by FPPV on behalf of the Catholic Archdiocese, which assisted in providing the quality outcome at Reliance handed over.

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