The Good Samaritan Inn

Good Samaritan Inn

Hayball Architects



Hayball Architects



This project was a refurbishment to the existing internal bathrooms.
The areas had had no significant refurbishment for over 50 years.
The space was tight and the existing walls, ceilings and floors showed signs of age.
The project was over 2 levels and the remainder of the building was not part of our scope.
There was a very limited space for storage, site establishment and for structural members.


Reliance constructed Dust and physical barriers to ensure a separation between the construction site and the remainder of the building. A structural evaluation was completed and a program of works agreed to by all contractors. Due to covid 19 our program was effected and reviewed daily. A laydown area was established in the neighbouring property and all materials were stored in a neighbouring outbuilding. The key to the successful completion of this project was co-ordination of tenants and trades whilst adhering to our covid safe plan

Bathrooms prior to refurbishment

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