Beverly Hills Primary School

Beverly Hills Primary School

AOA Christopher Peck

2 Cassowary Street  Doncaster East


AOA Christopher Peck



The project included asbestos removal and eave replacement along with the re-establishment of 2 existing basketball courts.
Access was very tight into the project location and the existing courts were uneven and aged. The drainage was not taking storm water off site and abounding trees had damaged kerbs and concrete paths. Covid 19


All asbestos removal was done during term break along with eave replacement and associated works.
A traffic management plan was created to allow access from the adjoining street. Temporary fencing was positioned to restrict movement by staff around the work site. Damaged surfaces where removed and new concrete and bitumen layed. The existing courts where levelled to remove any trip hazards. The structure was assembled on the ground removing a working at heights risk. Cranage was used to raise the structure into its final position. This site had reduced numbers due to covid 19. Reliance developed a covid safe plan which was followed by all site personnel.

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