Haileybury College Berwick – Sports Pavilion

Haieybury College – Berwick Campus

Darren Carnell Architects
Simon Lui – 03 9425 9255

138 High Street
Berwick VIC 3806



Darren Carnell Architects

Project Description
Construction of Sporting Pavilion.


Haileybury College required new change room facilities next to its oval. We collaborated with the architect on the design to work towards a cost-effective solution, which would address both the sloping site and the flood-prone area around the oval.


Our solution for the pavilion was to raise it off the ground to protect it in case of flooding, and to use the rear wall as a retaining wall against the slope. The design was altered part way through construction to create classrooms and a large balcony on top of the pavilion, enjoying spectacular views out over the oval.

By including a retaining wall as part of the structure, we were able to save the school tens of thousands of dollars.

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