Haileybury College Keysborough – Early Learning Centre

Haileybury College Keysborough

Darren Carnell Architects
Simon Lui
03 9425 9255

855 Springvale Road
Keysborough VIC 3173


Darren Carnell Architects


This extension and renovation of an existing early learning centre allowed us to apply our ongoing experience in this area to create an inspiring series of spaces for young minds. Unlike schools, these centres do not close during school holiday times which means working in a live environment.


Through careful planning we were able to ensure the safety of students, staff and parents as we methodically worked to renovate each new space. One of the aspects we enjoy on these projects is the chance to use bold colours, interesting materials and evocative shapes – all designed to engage the children. A feature of this particular centre is the circular aluminium light which took 12 weeks to manufacture.

Featuring supple timbers, lots of windows and bright colours, this is a warm and engaging space to inspire young minds.

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