St Pius X Primary School

St Pius X Primary School

Thomson Adsett

Waterdale Road Heidelberg West


Thomson Adsett



This project is a 4 classroom refurbishment, an upgrading of adjoining passage way links and an outdoor area/ play ground with extensive decking. The covid 19 restrictions means no students on site. The buildings are in original condition with restricted access. The outdoor area has some large mature natives that are encroaching on the building envelope.


Reliance has a management and OHS policy and plan that is used as the foundation for putting together construction methodology when it comes to not just difficult sites but all our sites. Propping of existing walls during demolition and protecting of surfaces that are to remain was a focus for the team. Hoardings have been constructed to ensure building security prior to windows and door installation. Reliance has to engage an arborist to supervise the excavation that needs to occur around the drip line of these trees. Scaffolding was erected to allow access to ceiling spaces for cleaning and installation of insulation. Re-pitching of the corridor roof assisted in stabilizing remaining brick columns

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